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YouTube Marketing Course Singapore

When Psy first created his Gangnam style video, he was already in showbusiness for years but with little success.  He never ever expected it to go viral and got viewed by over 1.7 billion times.  But he was willing to tap on the power of Social Media and YouTube.   Today, everybody knows Psy because he had made good use of the power of YouTube.


YouTube Marketing Course - Singapore Malaysia Thailand Asia

Why You Need A YouTube Marketing Course :

  • 1 billion unique monthly visitors!
  •  23,000 Videos Watched Per Second
  • Globally, 81% of users watch videos online!
  • On average, they watch 173 videos per month!
  • YouTube is now the Number 2 Search Engine, after Google
  • Most of your competitors love watching but ‘fear’ using YouTube videos – you will have an EDGE over your competitors by learning how to create your own videos, how to personalise your YouTube channel in this YouTube Marketing Course by Master Trainer Scott Tan.
  • Your customers love watching YouTube videos!



In our customised YouTube Marketing Course for Business Owners and Property Agents, You Will Learn How To :

– Create and Personalise your YouTube Channel

– How link your YouTube Channel with your Internet Strategy and other internet platforms

– How to create your video using pictures/movie clips/mp3/text

– How to upload your videos onto your personalised YouTube channel

– How to build backlinks from your video to your business website

and more

Who Should Attend Scott Tan’s YouTube Marketing Course?

  • Business Owners who are not getting their brand recognition
  • Property Agents who want to brand online
  • Internet Marketers who want to drive traffic using YouTube
  • SEO Experts who want to build backlinks from youtube videos
  • Business owners, real estate agents, internet marketers who have attended Scott Tan’s Web Design Course, SEO Mastery Workshop, 3-in-1 Social Media Workshop and want to go one step further to differentiate their brand using videos
  • YouTube marketing is also a fantastic reputation management tool.  You can counter negative online reviews about your business with positive youtube reviews that you can easily create and upload onto YouTube!


Check Out Videos Of Past Students of Scott Tan’s YouTube Marketing Classes :

Chris Wang’s Video on Silversea Condo Singapore is ranked number 1 in YouTube Channel – this video was created and uploaded during the YouTube class!

YouTube Marketing Course in SIngapore and Malaysia


Another Student’s Video by Billy Tan on Ssphere Online Design Magazine – note that this video was created and uploaded during the YouTube Marketing Workshop :



YouTube Marketing Workshop – Course Fees

If you hire a videographer, he may charge you $800-$3000 for a professionally made video.  And he may not upload the video for you to YouTube, nor can he help you create a professional YouTube Channel.

In this YouTube workshop, you get to learn how to DIY all these at at only $899 (or $599 for early bird fee).    Even if  you totally believe in the power of YouTube and are willing to pay, there are few YouTube marketing courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Asia.


Registration for YouTube Marketing Course by Scott Tan

To sign up for this unique YouTube Marketing workshop, please effect the following 2 steps :

YES! I want to connect with my clients and prospects through a carefully designed YouTube Marketing Strategy  


Step 1 : Make payment here (early bird fee applies only if payment made at least 10 days before course) :

YouTube Marketing Workshop




Step 2 :  Fill up form below, indicating your name, email, telephone contact, and Receipt Number from Step 1.

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 Please note the following pre-course conditions :

1.  You must pre-download Windows Live Maker which is one of the FREE tools used in the YouTube course to create videos.

2.  You will be pre-advised about 10 days before the course on what to prepare.  This includes :

– graphics/pictures of the videos you wish to create

– text of the videos you wish to credit

– sounds of the videos you wish to credit

– banner of your YouTube Channel

All these will be explained in detail before the course so that you can enjoy focus on learning and enjoying the YouTube Marketing course by Master Trainer Scott Tan!


SPECIAL NOTE for Business Owners in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Asia :

Scott Tan also customises his YouTube Marketing Course, 3-in-1 Social Media Course, SEO Mastery Workshops for overseas audiences.  If you have an Internet Training Course need in Thailand, Malaysia, China, or Indonesia, Scott Tan can travel to your country to provide the training, subject to a minimum audience requirement.