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SEO Mastery For Beginners (Recommended SEO Training Course In Singapore)

Get Organic and Targeted Traffic To Your Website Through SEO       “Scott Tan has helped me to rank my website on Page 1 of Google although I’m a NEWBIE  and never ever imagined it’s possible” – Bill Tan, owner of Ssphere – online design magazine       Scott Tan’s SEO Mastery Training – BENEFITS : Save on thousands of dollars in...

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SEO Trends in 2013 – Why You Should Stop Chasing After Google SEO Rankings

Learning SEO?  The Latest SEO Trends in 2013 Might Surprise You      1.  EMD – Exact Match Domain An important but seldom heard SEO Trend in 2013 is that of how Google’s EMD update will impact on how websites are structured. Up to 2-3 years ago, Exact Match Domains – help business owners score SEO points in how their websites might rank.  Essentially EMDs mean you...

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Google Farmer, Panda and Penguin Updates and Their Impact To Your SEO Strategies

Why You Should Learn About Google Farmer, Panda and Penguin In Your Search Optimization Efforts   For those of who are trying to save costs and do your own (DIY) SEO, at the very minimum, you must understand what Google is thinking about its ranking algorithm strategy and how it decides which website gets ranked on page 1 and which doesn’t for selected keywords.   In this regard, you...

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