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Social Media Course


Everybody is talking about Social Media Marketing – how much do you use it for your business?


Do The Following Describe You?

  • NOT having enough business leads or customer prospects 
  • Losing to competition because you are WEAK IN TECHNOLOGY
  • Want to Learn SOCIAL MEDIA courses but DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET STARTED.
  • Want to have an EDGE OVER COMPETITION through SOCIAL MEDIA branding
  • HAVE NO TIME nor confidence to learn Social Media Courses – you need something that is customised for business owners, that is short and cost effective.






Scott Tan

Social Media Course Singapore Malaysia






Social Media Course Singapore

Benefits of Social Media Course For Your Business

  • Let your clients find you – there are over 1 billion Facebook users, over 500 million Google + users, over 300 million LinkedIn users.  You have to join them or lose them to competitors.
  • Improve your Online Branding.  These days, clients don’t just buy your product – they check who the seller is!
  • Improve your google author authority through social media.
  • Improve your SEO for your website through a coherent and holistic Social Media Strategy
  • Enjoy FREE advertising in the form of Social Media
  • Buyers tend to buy from someone they are familiar with.  Engage your potential buyers through Social Media.

Many consumers think that Social Media is for fun and entertainment – are you aware of the huge impact it is making on the BUSINESS side?  Your competitors already have websites and have applied SEO techniques for years but Social Media Marketing is still relatively new.  You have a short window of 1-2 years before they catch up.


Still doubtful if you need Social Media Training?

Check how Scott Tan manages to appear 3 times on Page 1 of Google Search Results – through Social Media and Website.  This same secret (and many more secrets) will be taught to you in Scott Tan’s 3-in-1 Social Media Course – Express Workshop :

Social Media Course - Singapore


3-in-1 Social Media Express Workshop – Course Outline :

The 3 key Social Media Marketing Course Components include :

  1. Facebook Marketing For Business (70% of Social Media Course duration)
  2. Linked For Business Owners/Property Agents/Online Marketers (15% of Social Media Course duration)
  3. Google+ For Business Owners/Property Agents/Online Marketers (15% of Social Media Course duration)

The 3-in-1 Social Media course will cover the 3 components, how they are integrated with your Social Media Strategy and your SEO strategy.

1.  Facebook Marketing for Business

  •  An Introduction to Social Media and Facebook Marketing
  • Define your Social Media Marketing goals: new markets, methods, branding, or consumer traffic?
  • The Social Media phenomenon: what it is, how it started, and where it’s heading 
  • Web 2.0: how modern consumers relate to online media
  • Facebook demographics: who are on Facebook?
  • Your Facebook audience — user trends, habits, and more
  • The Facebook Marketing concept: what it is, how it works, what you need to know about
  • Design your Facebook Strategy
  • Understanding Pages and Groups
  • How To Create Your Business Facebook Page in 5 minutes
  • How To Administer Your Business Facebook Page 
  • How to Tap on ‘Cheap” Facebook Advertisements and Benefit from Them
  • Understanding Apps and Social Plugins
  • Making use of Facebook Questions and Polls
  • Tapping Facebook’s Traffic Analysis tools
  • Use Facebook’s Analytics tools to measure and evaluate your Facebook strategy’s effectiveness
  • Building Your Facebook Presence
  • Sharing content via Facebook: creating buzz, driving traffic, “going viral,” generating revenue, increasing SEO
  • How to use news feeds to build exposure and drive traffic to your site
  • Important : How to host Facebook events and invite people to attend
  • 15 Ways to engage your visitors and fans and to elicit responses from fans
  • Why sharing information, insights, and helpful tips through Facebook is critical to your success
  • How to integrate other social media platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc) with your Facebook campaign
  • Legal Implications You Should Take Note

2.  LinkedIn Course for Business Owners/Property Agents/Internet Marketers

  • How to have a targeted Linkedin Strategy
  • How to turn your Linkedin into a Sales Platform
  • How to have a powerful branding online
  • How to be FOUND in LinkedIn through a secret LinkedIn Strategy
  • How to improve your SEO Strategy for your website with your Linkedin profile
  • How to integrate your Linkedin profile with your Social Media Strategy

3.  Google Plus for Business Owners/Property Agents/Internet Marketers

  • How to create an SEO Google Plus profile
  • How to brand your Google Plus account
  • How to improve your google authorship
  • How to integrate your Google Plus profile with your website
  • How to integrate your Google Plus profile with your Social Media Strategy


Who Should Attend 3-in-1 Social Media Marketing Express Course by Scott Tan?

  • Business Owners/Property Agents/Internet Marketers who are hungry to succeed
  • Marketing Employees of ANY company who wants to get started on ONLINE BRANDING and Marketing
  • Businesses which are looking for new ways to differentiate your branding
  • Businesses which are looking to improve their online presence significantly
  • Those who want to catch up with competition
  • Those who have benefited from Scott Tan’s SEO Mastery For Business Owners and want to take it one step further.




Course Fees : 3-in-1 Social Media Marketing Course – Express Workshop 

  • Normal Fee :      $799
  • Early Bird Fee : $599 (only if at least 10 days before course commencement).  [To check course dates, click here.]
  • Note : Participants who have signed up for 3 courses with Scott Tan are also eligible for Early Bird Fee


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Who Is Scott Tan

Scott Tan is a seasoned coach and trainer who is ranked either Number 1 or on Page 1 of Google for multiple keywords such as “SEO Training Singapore” “SEO Training Course in Singapore”, “SEO Course in Singapore”, “Internet Marketing Course Singapore” and many others.   Scott specialises in making COMPLEX stuff simple for Business Owners who have no time nor technical background to learn.   He has trained doctors, dentists, property agents, business owners, real estate agents, homemakers, internet marketers, students in web design, SEO Strategies, and Social Media Course workshops.  Join the only 3-in-1 Social Media Course (Singapore) Express Workshop today!