Singapore SEO Consultant Strategy – How To Select Your SEO Services Company

How To Select Your Singapore SEO Consultant or Your SEO Services Company


As a business owner, you realise over time that it’s pointless to have a well designed website, if you haven’t got sufficient traffic or visitors.  Housing Agents, Housing Professionals and Property companies are fast realising that they need to learn how to drive traffic to their website.  Some business owners and property agents decide to hire SEO Consultants in Singapore or SEO Services Companies to help them to get website traffic by being found on Google through SEO rankings.

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1.  How Long Have The Singapore SEO Companies Been In The Business?  
Whilst time is not indicator of success, experience does count.  With so many changes in Google Ranking Algorithm in the last 2 years,  timing in the industry does not mean they are good but at least the SEO Consultant should know how important it is to adjust SEO strategies in line with new trends.  Ask them how Google has changed it’s ranking methodology over the last 2 years (for more info on this topic, you can read here)


2. Is This Singapore SEO Consultancy company itself ranked well on Google?
is it at least on Page 1 of Google,  if you search for keywords like “Singapore SEO Consultant”, “Singapore SEO Services”, or ‘Singapore SEO Company”?


3.  What Is The Singapore SEO Consultant’s or SEO Company’s Track Record – ask for samples of their clients’ work and successes.
For eg, do they have clients in your industry? Do they have clients who have succeeded to be on page 1 of Google? Can you talk to these clients?


4.  Are the SEO Companies able to provide you with a FREE SEO diagnostic report?
Most SEO companies in Singapore and USA, as a marketing tool, will provide you with an SEO diagnostic report advising you on areas you can improve in as regards to your existing website.


5. Are the Singapore SEO Consultancy firms willing to meet you in person to explain to you what they can do for you, and what you need?
You must recognise that hiring an SEO services company is not a one time transaction – you enter into a contract for a certain period of time, usually at least 6 months.  It is therefore important that you also assess the SEO consultancy company on how they work, and your chemistry and rapport with them – hence arrange to meet them!


6.  Do the SEO Services Companies explain Search Engine Fundamental Concepts To You?
Many business owners only know they want their websites to rank on Page 1 of Google – and don’t know what else to ask for.   Here’s a case study of one of my SEO Mastery Course Students who found out the importance of ranking for the RIGHT thing :

Duncan runs several apartments and his main clientele are foreigners who seek to live in Singapore for a few months.Before attending the SEO Mastery Course for Business Owners, Duncan’s impression is that he must rank well for any keywords and he does not mind paying.However, after consultation with Scott Tan, Duncan realises that he should aim to rank well his website for :

  • Buying keywords (to get buying traffic!)
  • Long Tailed keywords (to get targeted traffic)
  • Keywords that generate reasonable traffic (eg at least 1000 searches per month)

It was an eye-opener as Duncan would have paid alot of money to rank for unsuitable keywords that don’t have traffic, or keywords that are not targeted nor generate in sales.



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The above case study highlights a very CRITICAL concept any new business owner or housing specialist must know in hiring an SEO company :

Don’t just pay to get ranked well by Google on Page 1 for ANY keyword.  Choose your keywords carefully before you choose your SEO Consultant!

[Note that some keywords are easy to rank because they don’t have much traffic!]

You could attend SEO courses for business owners and then decide whether to do all the SEO work yourself, or at least you know how to manage SEO consultants in Singapore, before you hire them!  Don’t make all the common mistakes many people do by reading a little here and there online.


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7.  Consider word of mouth referrals too!
Usually word of mouth referrals are very powerful – because someone, a friend or relative or an ex-colleague,  has used an SEO company’s services already, and is willing to share this info with you.  You at least know that the SEO consultant has succeeded with your friend/relative/ex-colleague!   Good luck to your search for your new business partner – your Singapore SEO Consultant / SEO company!


This article is written by Scott Tan, a Web Design Coach, Social Media and SEO Trainer who specialises in making COMPLEX and BORING stuff Simple and Interesting for Business Owners, Students, Housing Agents and Online Business Owners


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