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7 Powerful and FREE Google SEO Tools You Must Use For Your Website To Be Well Optimized


Many of my students after attending my Web Design Course realise the importance of  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get TRAFFIC to their websites – otherwise, no matter how well constructed your website is, no mater how much fantastic contents you have placed there – a website without traffic is a wasted time and effort.   Those who attend my SEO Training  course are also shown these FREE SEO Tools from Google.  There are hundreds and thousands of SEO tools but what better place to get FREE Search Engine Optimisation tools than from the Ultimate Ranking Master – Google!

SEO Tools


Here’s a list of my favourite FREE GOOGLE SEO TOOLS which you will find very useful :


1.  Google Keyword Tool

This is one of the most fundamental SEO tools you can use to check traffic for keywords which you can use to in your domain names and contents.    Not only is it FREE, but it is extremely easy to use and absolutely necessary in your DIY SEO efforts.   This tool also gives you info about how competitive your selected keywords are.  In fact professional Search Engine Optimization companies which provide SEO Services use this tool too.  Master the use of this  Google Keyword tool to drive targetted and relevant traffic to your website!


2.  Google Traffic Estimator 

This magical SEO Tool says “Adwords” (Adwords is paid advertisements by you to be placed on google searches to allow your website to be found on page 1) but you can use it to find out the probable number visitors a selected keyword can bring to your website.


3.  Google Trends

Google Trends is another popular and FREE google search engine optimization tool that makes it easy for you to compare traffic for popular search terms and websites.    This means that you can easily check to see whether your selected topic is rising in popularity or not.


4.  Google Insights

This wonder tool multiples your DIY SEO efforts because you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, catetories, time frame and properties.  It’s another fantastic traffic tool


5.  Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster tools is the equivalent of a mechanic looking after you car daily but for websites of course.  These tools allow you to identify broken links, malware and other issues and determine what search queries lead to your pages complete with clickthrough statistics.   In addition, it checks your website speed and tells you why it’s too slow.   If you don’t have this, you are missing out alot!


6.  Google Website Optimizer

This wonder SEO Tool allows you to test different versions of your pages of your website.   Why do you need this?  Reason : you can determine the best converting pages of your website.  It’s called A/B split testing or multivariable testing and is all the rage lately in SEO circles and beyond.


7.  Google Analytics

No SEO training course or DIY SEO is complete without Google Analytics.  You need this tool to track the success of your SEO efforts – what works, what doesn’t, what drives traffic, where the traffic sources are etc.  The only ONE reason why some SEO consultants do not use this tool is that when you install this SEO tool into your website – you are also allowing Google to know exactly what’s happening to your website…. in layman’s terms :  Matt Cutts can look under your skirt.


Of course there are many more SEO tools in the market, and FREE SEO Training in the market and internet.  However, with Google updating and changing its ranking algorithms in recent years (eg Panda, Penguin updates) – you might risk learning obsolete or dated info that no longer works.  More is at risk if you adopt old or dated SEO training strategies that are now ‘punished’ by Google.    It is estimated that about 5% of websites (ie, millions of websites) have been ‘wiped’ out by Google in the last 2 years due to the Panda, Penguin and Farmer updates.


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