Online Social Media Course – Google Plus Training


If you want to brand yourself successfully, you need to go digital – brand yourself on Social Media.  There are lots of free
social media training courses and this is one here.   You need to have professionally constructed profiles to showcase the best of
yourself in LinkedIn, Facebook Page, and Google Plus.

Here’s a FREE set of video tutorials on Google Plus :


Google+Training : How to get started


Google+ Training : About circles


Google+ Training : Fun with Hangouts


Google+Training : Reading and Responding


Google+Training : Sharing


Google+Training : Set Up Your Profile


Google+ Training : Find people you know


Google+ Training : Great photos, in less time


Google+Training : Share photo albums


Google+ Training:

Editing tools to make your Photos smile 🙂


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you and your business,  including how to brand yourself with

  • Facebook Fan Pages (also known as Facebook Pages)
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

You may refer to Scott Tan’s popular  3-in-1 Social Media Express Workshop for business owners/realtors/
professionals and busy executives.  Or click on the picture below to bring you to that Social Media Training page.

Social Media Course Singapore





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