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Learn How To Create A Web Site Through Our Web Design Personal Coaching Class


Are you TIRED of learning how to create a website in a BIG CLASS or SEMINAR like this?  You pay alot of money, but still CANNOT create your own website at the end of the seminar….

How To Create A Website

Save Your Hard Earned Money!!! Get Results From Personal Coaching

In response to many students and enquiries for personal coaching on how to create a website, please read on :

  • Are you learning how to create a website for your business?
  • Are you having a brand or online business you need to promote online but don’t know how to?
  • Are you paying your web designer huge monthly fees but not getting the service levels you want?
  • Do you want to learn how to create a website  in a professional way, but within the shortest possible time?
  • Have you tried learning web design from many online website courses but find it difficult to succeed?
  • Have you paid alot of money on internet marketing or web design courses in BIG CLASSES but still cannot design your own website?
  • Are you a web design beginner, with no knowledge of HTML or any web design tools?
  • Do you wish you can have PERSONAL ATTENTION and GUARANTEED RESULTS  in creating a website?


Don’t worry, because you are not alone.  There’s good news below.

Many of my students who attended my classes are like you, with little or no knowledge of web design.

But they succeed because they decide to make the decision to learn how to create a website with me, Scott Tan.

You can either attend my monthly classes, or form your own small groups to attend my course.

There are also some students who approach me to teach web design skills on a personal level (1 to 1) – how to create a website.



Benefits of Personal or Small Group Coaching for Learning How To Create A Website  with Scott Tan:


  • Personal Attention to ensure you are learning the right things and clicking the right buttons
  • All your previously unanswered questions get attended to
  • Learn at your pace instead of a big group’s pace.  Some things you know well – we move faster.  And we slow down for those things you do not understand.
  • Choose your OWN DATES and TIME.  I am a full time trainer and hence can adjust to your time.  It could be 2 full days over the weekdays or weekends, or 4 weekday nights.  It can be continuous or spread over 2 weeks – it’s your choice.
  • Learn at a location of your choice – it could be Coffee Beans, your office, or a convenient setting with internet access.
  • GUARANTEED success in setting up your professional looking website if you follow my instructions.  So far, it’s been a 100% success rate for all students who come for small group or personal coaching.  This is especially ideal for those who are beginners who need that extra attention.

How To Create A Website – Personal Coaching Fees

As you know, you pay S$300 to over S$10,000 for website course design tools in the market.


But the web design software, WordPress,  I teach you is one of the most powerful and professional – and it’s more than a web design tool – it’s a content management system.

Unlike traditional HTML or basic web designing tools, changing the appearance or content sometimes means re-doing the website entirely.  But with WordPress – it’s so easy you will be grateful to change appearance to suit the your needs or season (eg Christmas sale with a different theme from summer)   There are too many advantages to be listed here.

On top of that – WordPress (from and not is FREE. 


I previously charged S$1000 per student, for 2 FULL DAYS,  if you learn how to create a website from me on a personal level.    All my students who received personal coaching from me SUCCEEDED in creating their own websites and do not need to attend any more web design courses.


With the growing demand for personal coaching and due to the limited time, the new personal coaching fees are S$3500 per student for 2 days or 10-12 hours spread over 3 or 4 sessions.    These costs are still low compared to some internet marketing courses that charge over S$2,000 and the training is conducted in very large groups, sometimes over 100 people.  These fees may again be adjusted in 6 months time due to the increasing demand for personal or small group coaching to learn how to create a website.


For those who wish to reduce the course fees or wonder if there’s a discount, I have the following for you:

  • 30 Professional WordPress Training Videos worth S$197 – highly useful for you as revisions after the course.  Most of us forget about 80% of what we learn if we do not practise it within 24 hours.
  • 7 Professional GIMP Training Videos worth S$77.   These videos are very useful for those who have no photo editing software nor photo editing background – when you learn how to create a website, you need to put in graphics and pictures into your website to make it more attractive for your visitors!
  • Discount of S$100 if you sign up for my other courses on Google Plus, YouTube and FaceBook Page for Business.

If you bring in a 2nd participant, there is no additional Fee.  This almost reduces the fees by 50% per participant.  However, for personal coaching, we do not recommend more than 2 students.

[ Note : If you prefer to be trained in a larger class of about 10-15 students – please click here << WordPress – 2 day workshop >>]


For those who prefer to personal coaching, to learn how to create a website at your OWN PACE and with a GUARANTEED SUCCESS formula, please contact Scott Tan by filling out the form below.  
Please state the subject as “Website Personal Coaching OR Small Group training“, what you are looking for, the number of people to be trained, and your preferred dates and times (day or night)

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 Terms and Conditions of Personal Coaching

  • Course Fee Payment (S$2000 for the 1st participant) must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course to ensure the dates are allocated for you.
  • Participants should not be eating during the course as it is disruptive for learning.
  • Course timings and dates to be agreed at least 2 weeks before course commencement.
  • The course will commence ON Time according to what is agreed.
  • Participants are expected to continue to work on their website after the course to achieve success – including and not limited to : building more contents and possibly choosing a web design theme/template, based on what was taught in the web design class, that suits their business image.
  • Whilst it is GUARANTEED that you will have a LIVE website by the end of the course, the completeness of the website is dependent on participants’ completion of the websites – further customisation of the website, and filling the website with more appropriate contents/pictures/videos.

Due to the slightly informal nature of personal coaching, it has been found that the above conditions are often neglected which contribute to the website creation learning not being maximised.