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Web Design Course Singapore - Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions About courses offered by WebDesignCourseSingapore.com


Why do I need to have a website specially designed for my business?

You can tap onto the vast internet market, expand your client base and reach out to clients 24×7 hrs.  Besides most businesses in Singapore already have a website and chances are that your competitors are already having one.  Today, there are more than 500 million domains and they are growing exponentially.  You need to have one to stay competitive, and to stay connected with your existing and potential clients.


Who attend your Web Design Course?

  • Many business owners who are tired of managing their programmers and want to take control on managing their websites.
  • Business Owners who just started their businesses and want to keep their costs low
  • Property Agents, Housing Specialists, Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Housing Professionals are increasingly attending Scott Tan’s 2 day Web Design Course to create their own websites.


Is it difficult to have a website?

Yes it is – for the untrained laymen or the non-technical person.  However, that is exactly what our courses are about.  We make it simple for you.  We have done thousands of hours of research and condense all that you need to know to get started within 2 days.


Is it costly to have a specially designed website?

It can be a VERY costly affair – it can cost you thousands of dollars to hire professional web designers.  For eg, a simple website (up to 7 pages) can cost between S$1,500 (designed by students) to S$10,000 (designed by professionals).   On top of that, you need to pay monthly fees to get your website maintained by the designer.

BUT our web design course is specially made for you or your staff – we train you to design your own thus saving thousands of dollars which you can invest in your products and businesses.  And you can design professional looking websites using the tools and software that we will share with you in the web design  course.


How much do I need to pay for a Web Design COURSE in Singapore offered by Other companies?

There are thousands of schools teaching different types of web design courses, ranging from S$350 to S1,000 – anything from 1-5 days.   The topics taught are very broad ranging from very technical to technical –  for example :

Types of Web Design Courses Offered in the market

  • Design using HTML programming (this is too difficult for beginners)
  • Design using web design editors such as Adobe, Komposer, xSite Pro etc.  Some of these software cost easily a few hundred dollars.
  • Design using web design content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupa.
  • Internet marketing which includes web design as part of the package (but this is often too much for a beginner and most can understand some concepts but unable to apply after the courses, unless they follow up with extensive coaching and research)


How much do I need to pay for a Web Design COURSE in Singapore offered by YOUR company?

Our experience shows that the most powerful platform is that of the content management system and hence we teach both WordPress and Joomla Web Design Courses in Singapore.  However, for beginners or the non-technical professionals – we recommend our WordPress – 2 Day programme at only S$679 (there are special early bird fees at $479 today).    Sometimes we offer promotions during certain tie-ups and off peak seasons.   This is amongst the most affordable in the market.    Our courses help you not only to get your unique website presence in your industry, but also :

You SAVE this much:

  1. Web Design Software that can cost S$200-500.
  2. Professional Web Designers’ fees that can range from S$1,500 to S$10,000 for websites with about 7 pages of contents.
  3. Monthly website maintenance fees charged by web designers amounting to S$50-300 depending on how frequent you make changes


How much does WordPress cost as a Web Design Course software?

We have specially selected WordPress as a Web Design Course software for you because it comes free with the hosting services you would need to have to ‘contain your domain name, and  contents in your website’.  On top of this, WordPress is a powerful content management system – this means that you can extend its powerful functionalities beyond using it as a website.   For example, it can manage your contents and readers’ subcription to your website.


Are there many free courses and youtube tutorials which I can use to learn web design courses?

Yes you are right.  There are thousands of videos and tutorials out there which are free.

However, this means that you will need to plow through at least hundreds of videos and ebooks which will take hundreds of hours just to get started.  On top of these, many videos are dated 3-5 years and are no longer applicable due to versions updates and platform changes.    Our experience shows that most people would be too exhausted by the time they get started, let alone overcome the initial teething issues.  In short – less than 99% of the population succeeded getting started on their own without having any formal training.

On the other hand, WE HAVE DONE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU – we have researched extensively for months, and tried out many different methods and software, plus all the shortcuts.   We will bring to you a condensed, succint and simplified version to get you started to design your own website at a very low fee, only a tiny fraction of what the market charges.


What is the difference between your company’s Web Design Course and Internet Marketing Courses?

Web Design is about using the software, tools to give you or your company a branding and a presence and increased visibility.  Today’s more than 70-80% of companies have an internet presence.

Internet Marketing is much broader in scope and it covers marketing on the internet, emails, wireless media, digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management.  It brings together both the creative and technical aspects of internet from design, development, advertising, sales along the various stages of customer engagement through search engine marketing and search engine optimisation.   As you can see, it’s alot more complex.  Different companies would cover a mixture of the different components of internet marketing.

A fundamental component of Internet Marketing is web design and this is why many of our course participants are also internet marketeers who needed simple to understand web design courses.

<< DON”T attend any expensive Internet Marketing courses till you have read this >>


Who are the trainers of your programmes?  

The master trainer is Scott Tan who was formerly a trainer in management skills.  In the course of building his own business, he stumbled on web design and internet marketing.  He started coaching course mates who found it difficult to understand complex internet marketing courses (usually very jam packed with materials) and the encouraging success of the coaching led to the start of his 2-day Web Design workshop (WordPress) for beginners, or businessmen or those who want to learn web design for internet marketing.   He is professionally trained to be a trainer and coach and the learning success of his web design classes is high.

He occasionally partners TC Tan to train larger classes.


I have attended many similar courses but find the classes too large and I can’t get to really ask ‘silly’ questions.  How big is your class?

We deliberately keep our class size small.  In general, we keep it to 12 or less and have even run customised classes for groups of 5.   Our web design classes in Singapore are deliberately designed for those who do not have a technical background and so you are assured of our personal attention.


I have some more questions – can I ask Scott Tan?

Yes, please fill up this contact form.   You might find this comparison and review of different web design courses useful.


How Do I Register For WordPress 2 Day workshop?

Please click here <<REGISTER FOR WEB DESIGN COURSE IN SINGAPORE>> and please indicate subject as “WordPress 2 day workshop”


I prefer Personal Coaching by Scott Tan to learn how to create my website.  Does Scott Tan provide Personal or Small Group Coaching?

There are more and more students who request for personal coaching and so the answer is Yes, with guaranteed results and additional benefits.  Please click here << How To Create A Website – Personal Coaching by Scott Tan>>


Is there any other useful course by Scott Tan to help me in my business, after attending this WordPress workshop?

Yes, Scott Tan also teaches Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google Places and SEO Mastery For Business Owners.   Click here for more info on SEO Training in Singapore by Scott Tan.


Are there any students’ testimonials?

Hundreds have benefited from Scott Tan’s courses but let’s take a look at these 2 video testimonials by 2 very different personalities : first by Sue Lynn, Director at Homestead, and the other by Low Jeng Wye, who is an interior designer who was ‘scared of technology’ and who overcame his fears.